Personal Transportation Provider/Ride Share


  • Personal transportation provider (PTP) vehicles look like vehicles that anyone can own and operate.
  • Personal transportation provider vehicles do not have a strobe light or meter.
  • Vehicles are dispatched using a digital platform and trips cannot be requested through a street hail or on the phone.
  • Personal transportation dispatchers are regulated solely by the City of Winnipeg.
  • Drivers cannot accept payment and payment may only be made through the dispatcher’s digital platform. 

PTP vehicles are licenced and insured by MPI under "Vehicle For Hire" Category to provide Transportation services via a PTP dispatcher's digital platform.

PTP drivers are checked and screened and have to provide Child abuse registry check,Criminal record check certificate and safety certificate for vehicle before they can provide service. Drivers can only be dispatched to passengers through a digital platform in exchange for electronic payment. 

*We hold PTP dispatch license under “MY CAB“ Operating name.